Wellbeing Events

CLICK productions understands the power of the arts as a form of creativity, non judgmental space for self expression, performance and learning opportunity, and ultimately a place to shine and be seen, has huge beneficial effects on mental and emotional health which in turn promotes broader physical health and longevity benefits, and positively impacts life satisfaction. In fact we have collaborated on academic work in the field of wellbeing championing arts based activities to improve engagement and build mental and emotional fitness. As such we love engaging with our local community.

From an "over 40's burlesque event for self-love" to storytelling drama workshops for children, and a healthy dose of public speaking or dance for confidence and empowerment, we use the performing arts to bring out the best in ourselves and others. CLICK has promoted wellbeing via the performing arts through several key community channels: Delivering tailored workshops with community groups including clubs, societies, small businesses and charities; running events and donating the proceeds to local causes to help further their work; or being part of larger county-wide events such as International Women's Day or Mental Health Awareness Week.

We love working with community groups, bringing the opportunity to perform at local events building self esteem and connectivity.

Self care:
Because of our theatrical nature, we love to remind you that relaxing is not the only form of self care, we encourage you to play or re-energise through learning a new skill! We've even run a laughter workshop with a senior day care centre.

Public Speaking/Confidence building:
We create a safe space for you to make standing up with all eyes on you a little less daunting. We understand that it's not easy to "just talk" so we guide you through the process of using your body, your voice, and your brain - to write your speech. We also focus on building confidence through movement, dance and storytelling.

We've been known to bring the "Hunger Games" to your team building days, and Aerobics to your leadership conferences - and we don't take "No" for an answer when it comes to joining in.